From left to right: Anita, Lydia, Adriana the foundress and leader of the Cenacle, Jesus, Sonia, Mark and Rita. Absent: Silvano (who took the photo) and Antonietta. Photo taken in the chapel of the Parish hall of "Our Lady of the Rosary" in Prospect, Adelaide, South Australia, where the Cenacle meets every Monday evening.

The Cenacle of the Divine Mercy at Prospect, South Australia

Our Cenacle of the Divine Mercy was founded by Adriana in July 2014 in Prospect, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, with the initial members Anita and Lydia.  In less than a year it grew to 5 members, and at the present we are 8.

We meet every Monday night from 7.30 to 9.30 at the chapel of the Church of "Our Lady of the Rosary" at 14 Barker Rd, Prospect, South Australia 5082.

Since we believe that it is Jesus, who motivates people to join our Cenacle, we are not worried about numbers.  Trusting in Jesus is the core of the message of the Divine Mercy, so we leave it up to Him to decide, who will be part of our Cenacle. 

Our Parish priest, Rev Father Alex Vickers OP PP, gave us permission to use the local chapel, for our meetings, and we are more than happy to have Jesus present with us, as He is present in the tabernacle of this chapel, which contains the consecrated Living Host.

We follow the standard procedures of a Cenacle of the Divine Mercy, which are published here in the main page, but since we are in a Chapel with Jesus in the tabernacle, we have inserted a spiritual communion section in our program, prior to initiate the reading of the Diary of Saint Faustina.  There is no better way in studying and learning the message of the Divine Mercy with Jesus in our hearts.

If Jesus calls you to be part of our Cenacle, please send us a message using our "Contact us" page in this web site, and we will contact you, or come to the chapel on Monday nights just before 7.30pm.